3D Talo Finland

Business areas: Manufacturing (including production management), OHS, Trainings
More efficient cooperation, monitoring and scaling of success in manufacturing industry

COMPANY PROFILE: Comprehensive solutions using VR in industry in order to help increase the profitability of processes in production plants. They are perfect for trainings, streamlining the design process, and improving communication.

SOLUTION: Design Space – a tool enabling implementation of plans and sharing them with any party. Design Space extends CAD software, facilitates work and returns value to your customers. BITE – an immersive learning platform; the use of it will provide a fourfold increase in efficiency; it will also enable faster scalability of trainings.

COMPETITIVE EDGE: An experienced team, up-to-date knowledge on cutting edge VR/AR/XR technologies, hundreds of implementations in small and large international companies.

Sample customers:

Ponsse and Valmet