The solution enables the fast construction of robots. The company’s first product based on the concept of modularity is an autonomous robot designed for in-house transport. Special attention has been given to the power system, increasing the efficiency by 25%.


Software designed to connect computers, robots, sensors and other industrial systems with minimal latency. The solution cooperates with the existing network infrastructure (e.g. ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE) and enables secure, highly encrypted and, in the same time, a private peer-to-peer connection of devices from different networks. It operates in the background at the operating system level […]

Inovatica AGV

Automated forklifts for internal transport. The forklifts are designed to be used in warehouses and production halls and, what is important, they can also operate in cold stores and freezers. They are not sensitive to low temperatures, lack of light or noise. They allow the increase of internal transport efficiency in a safe way while […]


4G and 5G network infrastructure, including standard-compliant software and devices necessary for the construction of mobile communication networks by public networks operators, companies and private institutions, as well as local authorities. The company provides open RAN infrastructure.

Microamp Solutions

The solution that allows easy implementation of mmWave 5G network infrastructure, characterized by high bandwidth and capacity, low latency and O-RAN standard compliance at a price and functionality level which has not been available ever before. It enables implementation of relatively small, private (local) 5G mobile networks adjusted for the needs of a particular user, […]


optimatik logo

It is a system for industrial plants and logistics centres, enabling comprehensive management and optimisation of intralogistics processes. It allows simultaneous real- time download of a range of performance metrics (e.g. position, a task performed) on the performance of forklifts and AGV robots. The collected data, as well as the integration with internal systems such […]


The IoT solution uses 5G technology in the Industry 4.0 area. Systems integration using the original intelliventory system, which consists of industrial 5G devices, an operating system for edge computing data processing and a modular IoT Platform. With these solutions manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as data processing, are streamlined in order to reduce […]

1000 realities

1000 realities group creates AR technology solutions based on the original Edge Realities platform and specialised VR trainings provided by 1000 realities studio. The solutions are dedicated mainly to industry employees, including manufacturing, energy, mining and logistics sector. Edge Realities facilitates large-scale implementation of AR, e.g. across the entire factory. 1000 realities studio has a […]


The solution that collects, transmits and processes metering data from distributed energy consumption and generation devices and remotely manages distributed energy infrastructure in real-time. It allows energy balancing, monitoring of measurements as well as signalling aberrations and alert states. It helps optimise costs of producing, purchase and use of energy.


COMPANY PROFILE: Antenna and radio frequency (RF) expert for highly integrated applications of the internet of things with experience in technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, UWB, NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN, GNSS, NB-IoT/CAT-M or LoRa. SOLUTION: Agile antenna design based on simulation, which accelerates development process, minimises prototyping cycles and reduces costs and risks, enables […]