An advanced virtual reality and augmented reality solution for gaming, marketing, industry etc. The industry is mostly supported in the area of trainings and interactive solutions facilitating the work of staff, as well as prototyping and designing, e.g. production lines.

Dig In Vision

Software for trainings and recruitment of welders, using specialized algorithms and virtual reality. A special controller overlay that mimics the welding fixture, combined with a VR application which allows you to start virtual welding immediately. The algorithms allow analysis and assessment of training results and a welder’s progress.

Connected Realities.eu

The use of virtual technology and augmented reality for industry. The company is experienced in processes connected with staff trainings and knowledge management, remote servicing, workplace instructions and helping companies in achieving business targets by fast implementation of new technologies. They don’t offer only one solution but use multiple tools.

DBR77 Platforma robotów

The marketplace, it means the internet market designed in order to connect production companies requiring robotics and automation (investors) with entities that provide and integrate robotic systems (integrators). The purpose of the platform is to obtain complete knowledge of the investor’s needs and expectations (description of a technological challenge) and to receive from the integrators […]

Augmented Vision

Digital instructions which eliminate the need for paper manuals. An employee scans a device with a phone, tablet or AR goggles and can see step-by-step directions for installation, operation or repair, as well as the machine’s active connections and standby status directly on the device.

1000 realities

1000 realities group creates AR technology solutions based on the original Edge Realities platform and specialised VR trainings provided by 1000 realities studio. The solutions are dedicated mainly to industry employees, including manufacturing, energy, mining and logistics sector. Edge Realities facilitates large-scale implementation of AR, e.g. across the entire factory. 1000 realities studio has a […]


An augmented reality platform for remote collaboration with experts, interactive instructions and hands-on trainings. It increases productivity, reduces costs (trainings, travels or downtime caused by crashes), minimises the risk of human error and retains knowledge within the organisation in the face of employee turnover. nsFlow is an all-in-one platform that gives you the freedom of […]


The augmented reality training simulators which allow staff training on security procedures and threats, designed for e.g. aviation industry and critical infrastructure operators. The simulators feature realistic graphics powered by photogrammetry technology, remote control of the training process, using mobile devices or dynamic modification of the scenario. It also offers support from industry experts, collection […]


The solutions are based on artificial intelligence and computer vision technology and the platform is designed in order to build these solutions for industries such as telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing or machine production, as well as agriculture and robotics. They reduce operational costs (e.g. detecting defects in materials) as well as human resources […]

Spectral Application

This is a system for supporting production, assembly and service work created using AR technology, which guides the employee step by step through the relevant technical procedures. The application enables remote monitoring and professional support of mobile service technicians working off-site.


vreact logo

The vReact industrial facility training system, which enables virtual reality training based on the automated reproduction of 3D digital twins. With the support of artificial intelligence, it helps people train in virtual reality to acquire knowledge as fast as possible. It enables training in all activities carried out on a daily basis at work, and […]

Delta Cygni Labs

COMPANY PROFILE: Delta Cygni Labs’s offer allows knowledge sharing anywhere in the world, which supports solving complex problems of manufacturing industry. SOLUTION: POINTR® securely supports the merging of competences and team collaboration by offering solutions in the field of augmented reality (AR), secure communication protocols, cloud services running on all networks, cooperation with old and […]

3D Talo Finland

COMPANY PROFILE: Comprehensive solutions using VR in industry in order to help increase the profitability of processes in production plants. They are perfect for trainings, streamlining the design process, and improving communication. SOLUTION: Design Space – a tool enabling implementation of plans and sharing them with any party. Design Space extends CAD software, facilitates work […]

Process Genius

COMPANY PROFILE: Process Genius has advanced competences in 3D industrial visualisation. They design state-of-the-art 3D digital twin applications which provide clients with full awareness of the situation in their production plant. SOLUTION: The 3D digital twin applications collect information about, among other things, the background systems of an industrial plant or office building in a […]

Visual Components

COMPANY PROFILE: Visual Components is the leading producer of software and 3D simulation of production solutions. We offer a simple, fast and cost-effective solution for designing and simulation of production lines dedicated to machine constructors, system integrators and manufacturers. SOLUTION: The company develops 3D simulation software for design, validation and visualisation of manufacturing processes. With […]