A platform for modelling and forecasting economic, market and demographic processes and optimisation of production processes. It allows reading of database information. It is possible for companies to optimise production processes and forecast prices and sales volume thanks to large data set analysis. The solution reduces analysis work and generates fewer analysis mistakes.

Expansio Software House

A tool to process a natural language, which automatically sources knowledge from large data sets, such as hundreds or thousands of company documents (e.g. by-laws, procedures, contracts, order terms and conditions specification, software documentation). The Big Data Chatbox uses machine learning algorithms in order to understand users’ intentions.


An industrial IoT platform that enables fast and autonomous commencement of production performance and efficiency analysis. Thanks to non-invasive vibration sensors it allows data acquisition from each and every machine, regardless of age and automation advancement. The solution is recommended in particular for consultants and lean departments.


An original system to optimise production and logistics process-based, among others, on tags (for employees’ vehicles) and so-called anchors. The solution is based on real-time data collection and analysis, enabling cost reduction of process servicing, shortening the time of logistics operations and increase of safety level of employees on site.


Sensors and software which provide real-time measurement of trolleys, employees, tools and work in progress with an accuracy of less than one meter. Indoorway transforms the collected data into operational indicators and live notifications in order to detect inefficiencies in production processes and internal logistics, reduce unplanned downtime and increase productivity of employees.

KSM Vision

Smart, automated quality control systems for industry, based on original neural networks and optical systems. Thanks to the high precision level, the systems optimise processes and eliminate mistakes in a wide range of industries, i.e. food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and construction.


optimatik logo

It is a system for industrial plants and logistics centres, enabling comprehensive management and optimisation of intralogistics processes. It allows simultaneous real- time download of a range of performance metrics (e.g. position, a task performed) on the performance of forklifts and AGV robots. The collected data, as well as the integration with internal systems such […]

Optimo Light

The smart building lighting system and the original solution for remote measurement of luminance expressed in lux. Thanks to the automatic power regulation and the use of daylight, it provides up to 70% savings compared to common LED technology. It is a smart solution which enables data collecting and using it for optimisation.

Energy Logserver

An innovative solution to centralize events from IT and OT systems. It allows the immediate data revision, analysis and correlation. The system comprehensively reports security and performance data, as well as performance of the IT environment, which uses a combination of data from various system sources.


The mobile app which frees up salespeople’s time which they normally spend on manual data entering, making notes and checking information on relationships with customers. Edward assists in active contact with a customer, supporting better work organization with a tool package, it automates the process of adding contacts from business cards, creating tasks and reminders […]


It is a drone-in-a-box solution that consists of a drone, a docking station and software. It is designed for monitoring, inspection and measuring in industry and public emergency and security services. It enables fast and effective collection of data on, for example, critical infrastructure. A 3 in 1 offer is available – it consists of […]

Digital Engineering Solutions

An infrastructure (such as halls, bridges, towers etc.) inspection and monitoring solution using mobile technology, image analysis and digital construction models. It reduces the costs of infrastructure management and increases its security, as well as simplifies and accelerates the inspection itself.


Advanced microscopic and medical image analysis algorithms, which may increase efficiency of physicians and laboratory diagnosticians. Additionally, the web eCRF application for research centres conducting non-commercial clinical trials, allows conducting and managing clinical trials in an electronic form.


The IoT solution uses 5G technology in the Industry 4.0 area. Systems integration using the original intelliventory system, which consists of industrial 5G devices, an operating system for edge computing data processing and a modular IoT Platform. With these solutions manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as data processing, are streamlined in order to reduce […]

DBR77 Platforma robotów

The marketplace, it means the internet market designed in order to connect production companies requiring robotics and automation (investors) with entities that provide and integrate robotic systems (integrators). The purpose of the platform is to obtain complete knowledge of the investor’s needs and expectations (description of a technological challenge) and to receive from the integrators […]

Broomee Technologies

The systems for industrial machinery monitoring and analysis of data acquired from them. The solution enables the creation of analysis and generation of reports, production and downtime monitoring and also tracking of key performance indicators. It helps to “keep the lights on” thanks to the following functionalities: Alerts and Notifications. It’s the Mindsphere Cloud-based system.

Augmented Vision

Digital instructions which eliminate the need for paper manuals. An employee scans a device with a phone, tablet or AR goggles and can see step-by-step directions for installation, operation or repair, as well as the machine’s active connections and standby status directly on the device.

AMAGE Systems

A set of software supporting digitalisation of construction processes and production facilities management. The solution is in a form of web and mobile systems and data aggregates for construction processes such as financial controlling, orders, deliveries and returns, assembly supervision, warehouses. Once the plant is operational, it covers maintenance, planning and production execution processes. The […]


An innovative air quality monitoring system. It is popular as a city service but also available for industry, with sensors adjusted to its specific needs. The system consists of air quality sensors, API, an online platform, a mobile application available for Android, iOS and Huawei. An original, AI algorithm-based pollution forecast system for the following […]


Analysis of images from visual control devices using cutting edge machine learning algorithms and, above all, deep artificial neural networks. They are high-quality devices designed for difficult working conditions and operating with extreme precision. They reduce analysis time and costs. It is possible to integrate them with LIMS systems and to create advanced statistic modules.


The software which allows manufacturing companies to organize their knowledge base and to eliminate frequently asked questions, with a special focus on questions asked by new employees. The solution automates contact with an internal employee, reminds them about tasks, fills in online forms, and makes appointments. It is available through VoIP and traditional widget on […]

IC Solutions

It is an easy to implement system, which uses various types of electronic devices to digitalise sales, production quality control, reporting as well as employment and logistics and warehousing documentation. It allows maintaining legal validity of digital documentation.


The solutions use AI technology and big data, which supports automation and process optimisation for global companies. Implemented algorithms and systems support companies in their everyday tasks: they optimise costs, supplement business processes.


The solution for automated identification of assets – tracking, localization, monitoring and addressing lack of product visibility in the supply chain. The data transfer is synchronised which eliminates human errors and enables faster and more effective decision-making based on real-time data. It supports the implementation and maintenance of industrial IoT systems.


The QXcontrol solution supports quality control of a produced item at each stage of the production process. Thanks to its three-tier architecture, it can be used to automate data collection, visualisation, analysis and early warning. It prevents errors as well as raw materials, time and money waste.

Random Forest

The developed artificial intelligence models that support the processing of large volumes of voluminous and unstructured textual material (i.e. reports, contracts, legal acts, articles). The adopted technology, and above all contextual search engines, make it possible to automatically find data – both detailed (dates, amounts, personal data) and longer passages (descriptions, clauses, application forms), as […]


The IoT and software development solution – devices and sensors for quality control automation, identifying and counting people, monitoring of devices and predictive analysis. They make an increase of business profitability possible, optimise the use of resources and improve employee and customer security.


The predictive and prescriptive maintenance solution that allows you to significantly reduce your production maintenance costs while increasing the company’s profit and safety levels. RSIMS provides holistic monitoring of any type of machine and integration of multiple data sources. The platform is based on AI technology, and its installation requires only data access – no […]


S2Energy is a system (software + smart meters) supporting effective management of electricity consumption for companies and reduction of consumption costs by an average of 10-15% per year. The system enables the identification of the most energy- consuming areas and processes in the company, alerting about irregularities (exceeding active power, returning reactive power, extraordinary consumption), […]


The new-generation spectral ground penetrating radar (SGPR) enables the most accurate mapping of underground structures required by industries such as mineral resources and construction. The solutions to automate and make decisions based on precise sub-surface information.


The solutions are based on artificial intelligence and computer vision technology and the platform is designed in order to build these solutions for industries such as telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing or machine production, as well as agriculture and robotics. They reduce operational costs (e.g. detecting defects in materials) as well as human resources […]


The solution is based on computer vision and AI solution and it is used in order to increase safety standards in manufacturing industry with automation of procedure surveillance. The system operates in a closed circuit where cameras observe the environment and artificial intelligence, based on real-time analysis, makes decisions, notifies people and executes programmed actions.


The mobile app designed for simultaneous delegation, performance and verification of big-scale tasks in more than one location. The app supports task management and unification of work or communication tools, as well as prioritisation. This helps to optimise a very wide range of tasks and processes.


The solution that collects, transmits and processes metering data from distributed energy consumption and generation devices and remotely manages distributed energy infrastructure in real-time. It allows energy balancing, monitoring of measurements as well as signalling aberrations and alert states. It helps optimise costs of producing, purchase and use of energy.


A complex intralogistics platform based on automated mobile robots, enabling process automation for internal transport in production management and warehousing. The platform enables optimisation of production processes and achievement of measurable economic benefits – short payback time (12-24 months).

Delta Cygni Labs

COMPANY PROFILE: Delta Cygni Labs’s offer allows knowledge sharing anywhere in the world, which supports solving complex problems of manufacturing industry. SOLUTION: POINTR® securely supports the merging of competences and team collaboration by offering solutions in the field of augmented reality (AR), secure communication protocols, cloud services running on all networks, cooperation with old and […]


COMPANY PROFILE: Quuppa is a leading technology provider for real-time locating systems and indoor positioning systems. SOLUTION: Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a technological platform providing locating based services and an indoor positioning application. Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Platform provides full insight into each detail of manufacturing process, enabling a detailed and real-time view of […]

Prosys OPC

COMPANY PROFILE: We are experts in OPC Unified Architecture protocol We provide our clients with an easy way to integrate operation and IT systems. SOLUTION: The basis of our business activity is a technology that enables easy and safe integration of data from machines and devices with IT systems. Our product is delivered in a […]

Process Genius

COMPANY PROFILE: Process Genius has advanced competences in 3D industrial visualisation. They design state-of-the-art 3D digital twin applications which provide clients with full awareness of the situation in their production plant. SOLUTION: The 3D digital twin applications collect information about, among other things, the background systems of an industrial plant or office building in a […]


COMPANY PROFILE: Wapice offers a technological partnership and digital services with a particular focus on IoT and AI for industry worldwide. It has one of the largest AI expert teams in Finland. Wapice is the winner of the National Entrepreneur of the Year award in Finland and the winner of Microsoft’s Global Application Innovation Award. […]


COMPANY PROFILE: Unikie consists of more than 400 IT specialists focused on real-time solutions for Industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles and telecommunication. Unikie is an R&D partner of international companies. SOLUTION: Platforms for real-time process control and optimisation. They are all based on AI Vision, machine vision and a learning platform. Among other products there is […]

Ambientia Group

COMPANY PROFILE: Ambientia Group offers industrial architecture designing, technical implementation, monitoring and flexible cloud solutions for industrial, service and commercial solutions. Our knowledge covers data solutions, artificial intelligence and IOT. SOLUTION: Our IioT offer includes state-of-the-art smart solutions for monitoring the condition of any industrial electrical engine or pomp. It uses a tested artificial intelligence […]


Elmodis is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company, with expertise in developing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. It provides the user with relevant information about the status and operation of the machine or the entire process line. Elmodis solution takes measurements of electric energy that flows through the whole […]