KSM Vision

Smart, automated quality control systems for industry, based on original neural networks and optical systems. Thanks to the high precision level, the systems optimise processes and eliminate mistakes in a wide range of industries, i.e. food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and construction.


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It is a system for industrial plants and logistics centres, enabling comprehensive management and optimisation of intralogistics processes. It allows simultaneous real- time download of a range of performance metrics (e.g. position, a task performed) on the performance of forklifts and AGV robots. The collected data, as well as the integration with internal systems such […]

Digital Engineering Solutions

An infrastructure (such as halls, bridges, towers etc.) inspection and monitoring solution using mobile technology, image analysis and digital construction models. It reduces the costs of infrastructure management and increases its security, as well as simplifies and accelerates the inspection itself.


Advanced microscopic and medical image analysis algorithms, which may increase efficiency of physicians and laboratory diagnosticians. Additionally, the web eCRF application for research centres conducting non-commercial clinical trials, allows conducting and managing clinical trials in an electronic form.


Analysis of images from visual control devices using cutting edge machine learning algorithms and, above all, deep artificial neural networks. They are high-quality devices designed for difficult working conditions and operating with extreme precision. They reduce analysis time and costs. It is possible to integrate them with LIMS systems and to create advanced statistic modules.


The solutions use AI technology and big data, which supports automation and process optimisation for global companies. Implemented algorithms and systems support companies in their everyday tasks: they optimise costs, supplement business processes.


The solutions are based on artificial intelligence and computer vision technology and the platform is designed in order to build these solutions for industries such as telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing or machine production, as well as agriculture and robotics. They reduce operational costs (e.g. detecting defects in materials) as well as human resources […]

Spectral Application

This is a system for supporting production, assembly and service work created using AR technology, which guides the employee step by step through the relevant technical procedures. The application enables remote monitoring and professional support of mobile service technicians working off-site.


The solution is based on computer vision and AI solution and it is used in order to increase safety standards in manufacturing industry with automation of procedure surveillance. The system operates in a closed circuit where cameras observe the environment and artificial intelligence, based on real-time analysis, makes decisions, notifies people and executes programmed actions.


COMPANY PROFILE: Wapice offers a technological partnership and digital services with a particular focus on IoT and AI for industry worldwide. It has one of the largest AI expert teams in Finland. Wapice is the winner of the National Entrepreneur of the Year award in Finland and the winner of Microsoft’s Global Application Innovation Award. […]