Software designed to connect computers, robots, sensors and other industrial systems with minimal latency. The solution cooperates with the existing network infrastructure (e.g. ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE) and enables secure, highly encrypted and, in the same time, a private peer-to-peer connection of devices from different networks. It operates in the background at the operating system level […]


It is the industrial network (OT) monitoring system, which provides the real-time identification, monitoring and security of resources. It helps reduce business risk, ensures production continuity and aligns procedures with legal requirements. It is characterised by dedicated predictive-analytical models using machine learning (ML/AI) algorithms.

Energy Logserver

An innovative solution to centralize events from IT and OT systems. It allows the immediate data revision, analysis and correlation. The system comprehensively reports security and performance data, as well as performance of the IT environment, which uses a combination of data from various system sources.


The platform designed to provide continuous offensive cybersecurity. Within the service, network and application resources are evaluated on the regular basis, vulnerabilities (weak points) and security system weaknesses are addressed. The solution analysis the impact thereof on the company and provides recommendations for required actions. It identifies and monitors vulnerabilities in various production areas – […]


The solutions for comprehensive cybersecurity management in the company. The systems monitoring IT security, supervising processes and providing knowledge necessary for the evaluation of the organization. In the event of an attack, clients are provided with the tool to recover from a crisis – including insurance covering the costs and recovering losses related to a […]


A network access control (NAC) system, which allows control of users’ network and devices. By integrating with other solutions, the system is a central point of network security that excludes compromised devices and minimises the risk of incidents.