We support businesses evolving into factories of the future

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We create hub4industry Digital Innovation Hub

A Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a complex support centre for industrial companies that want to introduce Industry 4.0 solutions in their production plants.


We help businesses improve the competitive edge on the market by applying innovative solutions from the broad realm of digital technologies

Services for businesses

We run ADMA audits to determine the level of digitisation of the company.


We show practical solutions of Industry 4.0 in the showroom of the Factory of the Future.

“Test before invest”: we run pilot Proof of Concept projects.

We educate by organising workshops, meet-ups, and the e-learning hub4industry Academy.

We help to network and cooperate, e.g. by organising networking sessions for the industry.

We bring together the key technologies of the factory of the future:

Connections in 5G network
Automation and robotisation
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Virtual and augmented reality
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
3D printing
Cloud computing
Artificial intelligence (AI)

…and questions and issues that engineers have to stand up to:

Sustainable production
Data analysis and reporting
Staff involvement
Change management


It’s good to see you again!

Wszystkie wydarzenia
13-14 may 2021

BIM w Przemyśle 4.0. Poradnik dla inwestora

Building Information Modelling to metodologia, według której planuje się, projektuje, realizuje, a następnie utrzymuje inwestycje budowlane. Z powodzeniem funkcjonuje m.in. w krajach skandynawskich.

Więcej informacji: bimklaster.org.pl/bim-w-przemysle-4-0/


Zoom, online szkolenie
26-28 may 2021

BIM4industry 2021

Pierwsza konferencja nt. BIM w przemyśle w Polsce. Szczegóły wkrótce.

online konferencja
27 may 2021

Pierwszy robot w Twojej fabryce

Link do rejestracji: bit.ly/PierwszyRobot

Zoom, online dzień otwarty

Members of the hub4industry consortium

hub4industry consists of comprises technology companies and institutions: